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From the United States to Argentina to Palestine, Russian Jewish immigrants transformed the politics and cultures of their new host countries.

From a corpus, linguists and speech technologists can build grammars, dictionaries, and tools that enable a language to be used online.

The story was recently picked up by BBC, revealing that the debate about whether language influences thought is very much alive and newsworthy.

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In 1843 the Bukharan Jews were visited by the so-called "Eccentric Missionary", Joseph Wolff, a Jewish convert to Christianity who had set himself the broad task of finding the Lost Tribes of Israel and the narrow one of seeking two British officers who had been captured by the Emir, Nasrullah Khan.

In addition, the symposium hosted a panel of young Israeli writers, such as Sivan Beskin, Almog Behar, and Einat Yakir, who deal with issues of immigration in their work.As part of its ongoing efforts to promote scholarly dialogue and excellence in research, the Nevzlin Center cooperates with academic institutions in Israel and abroad in the organization of conferences and other events.Since 2003 we have initiated and/or supported 16 international conferences as well as 30 workshops and special academic gatherings.By the middle of the 18th century, practically all Bukharan Jews lived in the Bukharan Emirate.In 1793, Rabbi Yosef Maimon, a Sephardic Jew from Tetuan, Morocco and prominent kabbalist in Safed, traveled to Bukhara and found the local Jews in a very bad state.

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