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If there was such a gay gene, it would make sense that both Jada and Will passed their gay genes down to their children, since the couple is rumored to partake in discrete same sex liaisons. My mom (Julie) at the time was 34, real young for a son my age. At the end of the movie she had a little slur in her voice and said,”that was an alright movie, ok honey take it out of the DVD player.” I said knowing that she wasn’t able to walk straight,”why can’t you, you’re closer.” She laughed and slurred,”ok i will” She got up slowly, and with in the first few steps i could see she was waisted. ” She said,”i bought extras.” Then i asked if i could have one and she said,”yeah, i’ll make it.” She got up again and made it then came back. During the end of the movie she got closer to me then i thought she would.

Rumor has it that the Smiths’ youngest children, Jaden and Willow, 12, are experimenting with alternative lifestyles — which is unusual only if you don’t believe the theory of the so-called “gay gene” in DNA.

Anywho, being so young my mom loved to go out and party, sometimes a little to much. The amazing thing about my mom is with all the drinking, she was not fat at all. I’ll tell you how i measured it in a little while, but it was 38 inches. Mom was asking me what i wanted to do for my birthday, I found out that my birthday fell on a friday. Mom was uneasy of the idea and said,”honey i don’t want to see you drunk” I thought she was putting the idea down for good so i said,”but i see you drunk atlest three times a week.” She was at a loss for words. I laughed and said,”hold on i’ll get it, you’ll hurt yourself.” She laughed and slurred,”no, i’ll get it.” So she staggered to the Tv and on her way back she almost fell.

At that time she was, 5’8 about 140 pounds her fat was in all the right places. I said,”so it’s final then, party on my birthday.” She said,”ok fine. She slurred,”I think i’m drunk.” She sat back on the couch, and that’s when i started to have my first sexual thought of my mom.

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