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Charlotte Nirmalani (Lani) Gunawardena, a UNM regent’s professor and director of the Organization Information, and Learning Sciences program is working with a small group of student volunteers to put together courses for Central University College Accra in Ghana.

In fact, with all that is going on around us today, it doesn't take much to have a feel of the sex for job experience, and trust me it is not a one-sided affair in which the men demand from the women.MOOCs can attract thousands of students although many don’t complete the course.UNM students are experimenting with a DOCC, a Distributed Online Collaborative Course, a new way of designing where physicians in Ghana generate content that is relevant to their cultural context which is designed on mobile and elearning platforms by UNM students.Would you spend hours figuring out ways to help students in another country learn an important subject if you didn’t receive any compensation or academic credit for the project?That’s exactly what a group of graduate students in the Organization Information and Learning Sciences program at UNM are doing.

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