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If you can’t find your answer, please reach out to us!We’re available 24/7 via Live Chat or alternatively use the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.Jahrhunderts Erganzt Aus Weiteren Handschriftlichen Quellen, Heinz Miklas, Lora Taseva, Marija Jovceva 9781402085017 140208501X Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics, Yanhong Shi, Dennis O.Clegg 9790958416688 Psychology of buddhism, Rob Nairn 9781436839501 1436839505 Ethics of Success, a Reader for the Lower Grades of Schools - Illustrated by Inspiring Anecdotes from the Lives of Successful Men and Women (1894), William Makepeace Thayer, Mary A. H., G C H 8711525507104 Apollon Musagete / Apollo, Various Artists 9781606640494 1606640496 Romanian Fairy Tales, J. Percival, Mite Kremnitz 9781409797197 1409797198 Cheer-Up Letters, Torrey Sylvester Ford 5051442681321 O Quente: Jovem Guarda, Rossi Reginaldo 5032711060337 A Tribute to Charlie Parker: Birdmen, Jon Hendricks Group, Phil Woods & Quartet, Charlie Parker 9780809308750 0809308754 Vessel of Sadness, William Woodruff, Martin Blumenson 034571152769 0034571152769 Missa Queramus Cum Pastoribus (O'donnell), By: James O' Donnell, Westminster Cathedral Choir 9783540367291 3540367292 Internet Der Dinge - WWW.9781434380326 1434380327 Shopping for a Boyfriend, Walter Lambert 9783832191122 3832191127 Bad Painting - Good Art, Eva Badura-Triska, Susanne Neuburger 9780844411767 0844411760 Library of Congress Classification, Library of Congress.9780951036822 0951036823 Northmarsh of Somerset, Philip Beisly 9783700135784 3700135785 Berlinski Sbornik - Ein Kirchensklavisches Denkmal Mittelbulgarischer Redaktion Des Beginnenden 14.

We are looking for funds to repair several primary schools and health centers that were burned down by the war.

Role des animaux de compagnie dans la dispersion des zoonoses d'origine parasitaire Virus survival in the environment Pathogenic anaerobic bacteria and the environment Salmonellae in the environement Listeria in effluents from the food-processing industry Yersinia in effluents from the food-processing industry Survival of pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites in excreta, manure and sewage sludge Effects of wastewater irrigation of pastures on the health of farm animals and humans Environmental protection during animal disease eradication programmes Hepatitis of viral origin in Leporidae: introduction and aetiological hypotheses Identification of the viral haemorrhagic disease virus of rabbits as a calicivirus Molecular biology of the viral haemorrhagic disease virus of rabbits Adaptation of the viral haemorrhagic disease virus of rabbits to the DJRK cell strain Diagnosis of viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits and the European brown hare syndrome Clinical and pathological features of viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits and the European brown hare syndrome Viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits in the People's Republic of China : epidemiology and virus characterization Epidemiology and current situation of viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits and the European Brown Hare Syndrome Incidence, epizootiology and control of viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits and the european brown hare syndrome in Germany Viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits in Mexico : epidemiology and viral characterization Epidemiology and diagnosis of the european brown hare syndrome in Scandinanvian countries : a review Viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits: vaccination and immune response Vaccination against and immune response to viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits : a review of research in the People's Republic of China Systematic morphogenesis of the viral haemorrhagic disease virus in infected rabbits and in adapted cell culture Application of control measures against viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic Conclusions de la Soci? Internationale de Transfert d'Embryons (IETS) (Commission d'import/export, sous-commission de la recherche), Bournemouth (Royaume-Uni), 11-15 janvier 1991Information systems for animal health : objectives and components Steps in the implementation of a micro-computer approach to the management of animal disease information The world animal disease information system Appropriate animal health information systems for nomadic and transhumant livestock populations in Africa Evaluation of health and productivity of small ruminants in Africa: the example of Senegal Application of ecopathological methods to the investigation of health problems on farms Geographic information systems : their application in animal disease control Satellite imaging as a technique for obtaining disease-related data Epidemiological methods for investigating wild animals reservoirs of animal disease The application of risk assessment methods in making veterinary public health and animal decisions Peste des petits ruminants Animal diseases caused by retroviruses: enzootic bovine leukosis, equine infectiousanaemia and caprine arthritis-encephalitis Micobacteriosis en mamiferos y aves marinas Cell culture propagation of calf rotavirus and detection of rotavirus specific antibody in colostrum and milk of cows and buffaloes Inactivation of foot and mouth disease virus inskimmed milk with propionic acid, citric acid and hydrogen peroxide A study of antigenic variants of foot and mouth disease virus type a in India between 19Diagnosis of enzootic bovine leucosis in single and pooled samples Isolation of Brucella organisms from the milk of seronegatives cows Bovine virus diarrhoea virus : an introduction Clinical aspects of bovine virus diarrhoea virus infection The pathogenesis of bovine virus diarrhoea virus infection Electron microscopy of bovine virus diahhoea virus Epidemiology of bovine virus diarrhoea virus Immunological responses to bovine virus diarrhoea virus infections Molecular biology of bovine virus diarrhoea virus The diagnosis of bovine virus diarrhoea-mucosal disease in cattle Pestivirus infections in ruminants other than cattle Ruminant pestivirus infection in pigs Control of bovine virus diarrhoea virus Bovine virus diarrhoea-mucosal disease : prevalence, epizootiology and control measures in the USSRCurrent situation of bovine virus diarrhoea-mucosal disease (BVD-MD) virus infections and their antigenic diversity in Hokkaido, Japan Incidence, epidemiology and control of bovine pestivirus infections and disease in Australia and New Zealand Incidence, epidemiology and control of bovine virus diarrhorea virus in South America Bovine virus diarrhoea virus : speculation and observations on current concepts Production and use of bovine DNA libraries : DNA-sequencing Production and characterisation of monoclonal antibodies for species diagnosis of sarcosporidia Embryo transfer techniques Use of biotechnical methods in veterinary medicine Use and control of biotechnological methods Novena reunion internacional sobre trypanosoma evansi : informe del grupo de trabajo Haemoparasites of equines : impact on international trade of horses A new leptospiral serovar in the Pyrogenes serogroupe isolated in Nigeria Tenth International Meeting on Trypanosoma evansi: Report of the Working Group, Paris, Regulation of biotechnology in the United States and Canada Regulatory aspects of biotechnology in Europe, with particular reference to veterinary science Biotechnology in veterinary science : regulations in Asia and Oceania Diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases Diagnosis of parasitic disease Biotechnology and veterinary science : production of veterinary vaccines Propagation of improved breeds: the role of artificial insemination and embryo transfer Reproductive technology in animal production The potential of transgenic animals for improved agricultural productivity Genetic selection for disease resistance and traits of economic importance in animal production Control of genetic defects Resolution no.

X of the OIE International Committee, 57th General Session, 22- - Utilisation and control of biotechnological procedures in the field of animal health Immunity to internal parasites Immunodiagnosis of and immunoprophylaxis against the haemorparasites babesia sp. in domestic animals Trypanosomiasis in domestic animals : the problem of diagnosis Trypanotolerance in cattle and prospects for the control of trypanosomiasis by selective breeding Theileria annulata : control measures, diagnosis and the potential use of subunit vaccines Theileria parva : the nature of the immune response and its significance for immunoprophylaxis Enteric protozoa in ruminants : diagnosis and control of cryptosporidium the role of the immune response Immune response against toxoplasma and sarcoscystis infections in ruminants : diagnosis and prospects for vaccination Cestode infections in animals : immunological diagnosis and vaccination Characterization of taeniid cestodes by DNA analysis Serodiagnosis of fasciolosis in ruminants Immunodioagnosis of nematode infections and prospects for vaccionation, with special reference to Trichinella Spiralis DNA analysis in the diagnosis of infection and in the speciation of nematodes parasites Selective breeding for the control of nematodiasis in sheep Strategies for vaccination against gastro-intestinal nematodes Resolution n XI of the OIE International Committee, 57th General Session, 22- - Internal parasitic diseases with reference to immunological response Synthse des rapports nationaux et sur l'pidmiologie, la surveillance et la prophylaxie de la rage en Europe Le diagnostic de la rage et le typage des virus rabiques Mesures de prvention de la rage humaine.

Please help the poor people in remote villages that were unfairly hit by the war.

The funds will also be used to raise awareness and to accelerate progress on sanitation: for example, the schools and the health centers don't have any running water.

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